Telephone Kiosk Advertising

Telephone Kiosk Advertising

Outdoor Impact, Inc. offers telephone kiosk advertising on the exterior enclosures of payphones.  These protective metal housings surround the the payphones and provide a smooth clean surface to attach an advertisement. Each enclosure offers two sides of advertising opportunity.  The visible area of the display measures approximately 9 1/2” wide by 29 3/8” in height per side.  The payphones are located in high traffic areas and include both indoor and outdoor locations.  Typical sites include restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, popular nite clubs, cafes, boutique shops and other high traffic areas.

  • Precision Targeting
  • Phone kiosk advertising allows very precise targeting.  For example you can target by zip code, census tract,  or other geographical criteria.   It is even possible to target a specific indoor or outdoor venue such as inside a popular bar or nite club or outside a specific bank or supermarket.  Targeting by demographics can be done as well.   Best of all,  telephone kiosk advertising can be placed at locations very near the point-of-purchase as a constant reminder of your product or service.

  • Availability
  • Telephone kiosks are available throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Market and nearby suburbs.  Both indoor and outdoor telephone locations comprise a typical campaign.

  • Rates
  • Rates vary by number of displays selected (showing size) and a campaign’s duration. Production costs also vary based on the type and quantity of the display produced.  Outdoor Impact, Inc. can provide production specifics enabling our advertisers to select their own printing company to produce their vinyl displays.  As an alternative, Outdoor Impact, Inc. can produce the vinyl to our specifications for an additional production fee.

  • Production
  • Telephone kiosk displays are usually produced on a 4 mil pressure sensitive vinyl in a single long head to head strip measuring approximately 9 1/2” wide x 84” in length or in two pressure sensitive vinyl strips measuring 9 1/2” wide by 42” in length.   The vinyl is covered with a 3 mil laminate for protection.   The critical copy area measures approximately 8 1/2” wide by 24” tall (see production details).  The vinyl is then skillfully wrapped around the enclosure of the payphone.

Please call one of our sales reps at (847)674-6500 for more information about our coverage opportunities.